Jul 29 2009


Category: Java,JAXB,Maven,XMLRussell Pitre @ 8:25 pm

I’ve recently started an extranet based webapp that will be consuming a web service hosted on an intranet webapp.   On both the server and client sides i’m using Spring Web Services.  Spring WS provides a nice Object/XML (OXM) mapping abstraction layer that supports a few different oxm frameworks like JAXB, Castor, and XStream.  I haven’t had experience with any of them before this project so I chose JAXB only because it seems to be the most widely used.

A best practice is top-down, or contract first development when designing web services.  A really good place to start with SOA development is Web Service Contract Design and Versioning for SOA by Thomas Erl.

The first step i took was to define the data model for the messages with xml schema. I discovered a great Maven plugin to generate source code from the XSDs for the web service.  Here’s the snippet that i used in my pom.xml


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